The Hobbit House in The Dell

Welcome to the Hobbit House In The Dell. A unique Airbnb brought to you by Newtons. Creating bloody grand spaces!

Black Shed Yard

A 380sqm industrial yard with a 40sqm inside space. Black sheds occupied this site in the late 20th century so we christened our new site – Black Shed Yard

Wellington Villas

A total overhaul and modernisation of a four flat property on Bolton Road in Bury.

The Flat

One of our first projects in 2016 turning a residential building into a welcoming 6 office space. The Flat, built as a luxury residence above the electrical workshops in 1970’s by Mike Godwin.

151 The Rock

A real favourite of the team, Newtons was long-established, well-known furniture and antique shop for over 100 years.