Newtons of Bury – Space 3A

With plenty of room and direct access to the onsite kitchen area, space 3a is the perfect space for you to set up or expand your business.

Newtons of Bury – Space 3B

With plenty of room and a tonne of natural light, space 3b is the perfect space for you to set up shop or expand your business.

The Hobbit House in The Dell

Welcome to the Hobbit House In The Dell. A unique Airbnb brought to you by Newtons. Creating bloody grand spaces!

Black Shed Yard

A 380sqm industrial yard with a 40sqm inside space. Black sheds occupied this site in the late 20th century so we christened our new site – Black Shed Yard

Free Collections Friday

Newtons Waste Removal team loading a van with a black wooden board

Starting this week, we are introducing “Free Collection Fridays” in our community. This initiative aims to encourage responsible waste management and provide a helping hand to those who need it. In this blog, we’ll detail the terms and conditions of this fantastic program.