Landlord Services

What to expect?

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What we offer.


We will reference check any tenant you need and come back to you with the report.


A property requires an up to date EPC before it can be let. Let us sort this out for you.


Arthur is our cloud-based property management platform designed to keep property owners and tenants update with their tenancy. Arthur is a powerful tool that lets you easily stay up to date with your property through your computer or app any time you want. If you choose our management service you will get a link sent directly to you so you can access the software.


Properties and their gardens need care throughout the year. Keeping on top of this can be part of the fun and part of the challenge, let us take the weight off. Kieron | KHES I moved in November 2018 and was immediately impressed with the commitment to cooperation and co-working. The links to other business and the community that Newtons have created have certainly helped us grow as a business.


We can collect your rent on a routine basis, if anything comes up we can collect the information for you and let you know.


Our full service covers rent collection, property maintenance, periodic visits and end of tenancy.


Don’t let this sneak up on you! We keep all our properties up to date. You need an annual Gas Safety Check to keep everyone and everything safe. Let us do the work for you.

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