What You Need To Move Into A Rental Property

When moving into a new property, it can be daunting trying to figure out what it is that you’re going to need to have on hand. This can be even more confusing when it is a rental property. We want to help offer you some guidance about things to consider and what you need to move into a rental property.

Is It Furnished?

When moving into a rental property, there can be a variety of things to consider and whether it is furnished or not should be near the top of the list. Some rental properties may have furniture included such as couches or beds, these can come with the properties or end up being left over from previous tenants and you can then decide whether or not you wish to keep them. Knowing whether a property is furnished can make a difference in determining your budget or move in date, so this information is good to get early on so you can figure out a timeline for moving in.

Hiring A Moving/Removal Van

This can be done around one month in advance and can really take the pressure off. If you have a lot of stuff to be moved from point A to B it can quickly become a pain if you do not have a way to transport it. Considering a removal company can relieve this stress for you. ‘AnyVan’ covers the whole of the UK and can give you an instant quote making it a smooth planning process. This would also be a good time to order any packing materials that you may need eg: cardboard boxes, cases etc. Having designated boxes/cases for specific items or specific rooms can make the unpacking process in your new home much smoother.

Arrange Utilities

Some properties may come with utilities included in your rent meaning you don’t need to arrange any of this yourself. Finding this out in advance can be a big step in planning your finances for moving into a new property. If utilities are not included in the rent prices and are something that you need to consider, we suggest doing so a couple of weeks in advance of your move in date. Generally, the property will have a pre-existing provider that they will use, you can find out who they are with and then contact the provider directly to set up your utilities.

Take Pictures

If you are moving into a rental property it can be a good idea to take detailed photographs of any areas of the property that may be showing wear and tear that you think may cause issues with your deposit in the future. Having photo evidence that any issues were pre-existing can be a life saver further down the line.

Redirect Your Mail

Make sure you don’t forget to redirect your mail to your new address to avoid any important documents that might come through going to your old address. To redirect your post all you need to do is fill out a redirection form available online or at a post office. Once you’ve completed this form, you’ll need to take it to your nearest branch with the following. Name and dates of birth of everyone wanting a redirect. We recommend doing this a couple of weeks prior to your move in date to give time for the request to process.

Sort Out Your Council Tax

If you are moving from one borough to another, it is important that you sort out your council tax. For tenancy agreements that are 6 months or longer, tenants are responsible for the council tax bill whilst living in the property. Let your current council know that you are moving and speak to the new council to arrange payment of the council tax. If you leave the property before your agreement is up, you will remain responsible for the bill until either your agreement ends or another tenant begins a new agreement.

Hopefully, some of the above advice can help with what you need to move into a rental property. Moving can feel like a daunting task with a lot to remember, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. As long as you take an organized approach and begin planning a month or so in advance to your move in date, you should be golden!




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