Virtual Office Sign Up



Apply for your virtual office here by completing this application form (below).


You will need to provide a form of ID, that can be one of the following:

  • Passport 
  • Drivers license 
  • A current student card 
  • National ID card 
  • HM Forces ID 
  • Disabled driver blue badge 

Proof Of Address

You will need to provide proof of your address that matches the address on your application and your ID.

  • Utilities bill 
  • Phone bill 
  • Mortgage bill 
  • P45 or P60 statement 
  • TV license letter 
  • Council tax bill 
  • Valid insurance certificate 
  • Benefits agency letter 
  • Credit card statement 
  • Bank statement
You will need to provide a complete scan or image of the document you are supplying, front and back. 

Next Steps

Once you have completed the form below we will check it over and confirm everything via email. We will also send a link out to set up a direct debit (using GoCardless) which will need setting up at your end. There will be a one-off charge to bring your payment in line with the 1st of the month and then a following monthly payment on the 1st of each month. 


As part of HMRC’s regulations we must ensure the information we hold on our virtual office customer is up-to-date. This means you have to renew your membership with us once a year. 

The simplest and fast way to conduct the renewal is to complete the application form again, updating any information that may have changed. 

We will send you a reminder to the email you provided on a yearly basis. 

Next Steps

Once you have completed the below information we will check over it. If you do not hear from us then the check has been completed and your membership with us is still valid. We will only get in touch if we need more information or something has changed. If we can not obtain the renewed information and we can not get in touch with you we would have to cancel your virtual office membership with us. 


Apply Or Renew Here

Max Size and Delivery

Maximum Parcel Delivery – Please be aware we can only securely store parcels no bigger than 450 x 340 x 260mm (max). 

Delivery Instructions – There is no access for letter or parcel delivery at the front entrance of Newtons. You should provide delivery instructions to the rear of Newtons on all deliveries. “Please delivery to REAR of Newtons. Whilst facing Newtons front entrance, turn right and head up along The Rock. Turn left at the end of the row and left again before KWIK FIT garage. Newtons deliveries approx 20m down the back road on the left”