The Big Spring Clean

We all know how easy it is to collect things over the years, only to see them sit in a corner and watch them collect dust. Whether it is that old piece of furniture that you just can’t part ways with, or that chipped vase that ‘might come in handy’ at some point in the near future – AKA never! So as the seasons change and we welcome Spring with open arms, it is time for The Big Spring Clean!

Waste is a huge issue, we collect items throughout the years and over time some of these items lose their usefulness, maybe they become out of date, broken, or have served their intended purpose. We hide them away in cupboards or store them in the garage for the ‘tip trip’ that never comes. 

Not forgetting our responsibility to our environment and our climate, disposing of items now means we need to be thoughtful on whether throwing them away is the best option – could they be used again? Could someone else benefit? 

On the 2nd of April, we’ll be driving around helping start your spring clean-off. We’ve got the capacity to take 2 bin bags or 1 large item from you completely for free! If you have a home with us that could mean a couple of bags of old clothes you’ve been meaning to throw out. If you have a business HQ with us that means that old dusty printer in the corner can finally be thrown out and recycled. 

Wondering whether or not to get involved? Well, did you know about the benefits associated with taking part in a Big Spring Clean?

Benefits of The Big Spring Clean


Now as unlikely as this may seem to those who are seriously allergic to cleaning, studies have shown that taking the time to make your house that little bit cleaner can actually make you happier! The satisfaction of finally clearing up some much needed space can bring a smile to your face!


It is a tale as old as time that being within a clean and organised environment can reduce your stress levels and have a positive effect on your productivity. This applies both in your working and home environments! Not to mention that the act of cleaning itself can feel therapeutic, especially if you have the right playlist to accompany it!


Dust is the devil, dramatic I know. But, there are links to serious health concerns from dust build up within homes. Where there are items waiting to be thrown out, there is always dust! So taking the time to clean and declutter can reduce risk and improve your health.

What You Have To Do

  • Got some items in mind? Call this number 07551592139 and book in for a collection slot for Saturday 2nd April. 
  • Keep you items handy
  • We will turn up at the allotted time and collect them
  • We’ll be taking them to a drop off point where they are being collected for recycling or disposal with Senior Waste Removals 
  • The collection itself is free but if you do want to contribute to Bury Hospice or Rossendale Hospice they will welcome your donation. Donate here Bury. Donate here Rossendale

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We do want to help remove the items you need removed but we do need to be able to collect everyone’s items that request the collection. With this in mind, we have to quantify what we can collect. We, therefore, have these examples

  • 2 bin bags or items or equivalent (such as 4 carrier bags)
  • 1 large item – old TV, old computer, small chair, MISC items
  • Please no food items or hazardous items – we will have to refuse these

We’ll endeavour to set a collection time on the day but please bear with us as some collections may take a little longer and push our time schedule back.

We are on a tight schedule, so we don’t have the capacity to start dismantling or removing items. It would be great if the items can be ready to go in the garden or close by the front door. 

So make sure you get involved with The Big Spring Clean, and with our help we can get rid of some of those dust collectors that have never quite made it to the tip!




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