Storage In Bolton

The past few months have proved very busy across the board. On top of opening an Airbnb we have been developing one of our latest projects which is storage units in Bolton.

And of course, with the planning and development being a Newtons project it is going to provide a different take on what can sometimes be a depressing, cold, and wet storage experience.

Why Storage Units?

In conjunction with Newtons NW Construction, we have held a plot of land for development in Bolton for some time. After looking at several options, including currently permitted planning for a single building containing two flats, we opted to develop the land only slightly and use the land for a small number of shipping containers as storage units.

Local Area

A major pillar in our conversation and when developing the plans has been our local community and how the site will positively and also negatively affect them. The site over the years has become overgrown and has invited flying tipping, anti-social behaviours, and fires, we are afraid, we feel left as it was the site was detrimental to the local community. That is why we wanted to act on the site now and mend the situation with a solution that we feel covers all bases. We have ensured vehicles come directly off the street onto the site so we do not affect any flow of residential traffic. Below we outline why the site will be a different storage solution in Bolton and the positives.

What’s Different

In the past, we have used and visited barren storage plots which look very much like they are. With our proximity to our neighbours and in line with our core values, we want to do something different when it comes to our site.

From the beginning, we have ensured the look of our site will be as far from industrial as possible. Our fencing will not be too dissimilar to what you would find at a local school, clean and fresh. We will plant and encourage plant growth across and up the fencing to ensure a green look is nurtured and maintained. Working with our Bury Bee Co arm we will install and maintain two local beehives to produce local honey and help build our overall hive collection. And of course, to keep our plants and grounds healthy we will make sure there is dedicated space for compost bins that can take both local and onsite garden waste.

Looking For A Storage Solution?

We’d love to help. We are just waiting for the final go-ahead and should be ready to take customers from December 2022, just in time for the Christmas clear out we hope. We plan to offer competitive pricing which remains fixed and does not increase during your rental period. All our updates will be posted on our blog.

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