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In an effort to promote a cleaner and more environmentally friendly community, we are excited to announce a new initiative that will make waste disposal easier and accessible to those in need. Starting next week, we are introducing “Free Waste Collection Fridays” in our community. This initiative aims to encourage responsible waste management and provide a helping hand to those who need it. In this blog, we’ll detail the terms and conditions of this fantastic program.

Why Free Collection Fridays Are Important

  1. Environmental Impact: By providing a dedicated day for waste collection, we aim to reduce the chances of littering and illegal dumping, which can harm our environment.
  2. Convenience: Free Collection Fridays make it easier for residents to dispose of larger items or excess waste that may not fit in their regular bins and helpful if they cannot access the tip.
  3. Responsible Waste Management: It underscores the importance of responsible waste management practices and encourages residents to think twice about what they throw away.
Adrian on collection duty

How To Book

We offer a first come first serve basis from 8 am on the morning of the Friday.

WhatsApp: Send a picture of your waste at 8:00 am on Friday with your address, and contact details to our WhatsApp 07950451265.

*Only messages from 8:00 am onwards are included in the collection, its a first message, first-serve basis, once all slots are filled we can’t offer any more free collections that Friday.

Confirmation: Once we have your booking we will add you to the collections and you will receive an email confirmation from us.

Terms and Conditions for Free Collection Fridays

To ensure the smooth operation of Free Collection Fridays and to accommodate as many residents as possible, we have established the following terms and conditions:

  1. Eligibility: Free Collection Fridays are open to those in our community within a 10mile radius of BL8 1AT
  2. Collection Size: Each participating household can place up to 5 bags of rubbish or a single large item for collection. Please note that waste should be properly bagged and sealed.
  3. Collection Window: The waste collection service will operate between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM every Friday. We cannot enter a property and for ease of collection ask if the waste can be left at the front of the property.
  4. Advanced Booking: We do have only a limited number of collections for our Free Friday Collections so you must book in to secure your slot.
  5. Prohibited Items: Certain hazardous materials and items, such as chemicals, paints, plasterboard, mattresses, commercial items and other materials cannot be collected through this service. Please dispose of such items responsibly through designated channels.
  6. Collection Location: Place your waste in a clearly marked location outside your property, accessible to our collection team. Ensure that it does not obstruct pedestrian pathways or roadways.
  7. Responsible Disposal: Participants are expected to adhere to all local waste disposal regulations and guidelines. Do not include items that are not permitted in regular waste collection.
  8. Safety: For large items, please make sure they are manageable and safe to handle. It’s crucial to consider the safety of our collection team.
  9. Weather Conditions: In case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, collection may be rescheduled. You will be informed of any changes in advance.
  10. Community Spirit: Let’s work together to keep our neighborhood clean and green.

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