Our Allotment



This is a community allotment project in Shawforth, Lancashire. 

Based just next to our Shawforth properties the land forms part of the old railway banking. Water runs through the land from an old well and into an ancient stone trough on the roadside. Over the past few months we have been gaining some control over the land, chopping back overhanging branches, draining soggy soil and installing compost bins, bird boxes and hopefully by next year an additional Bury Bee Co hive. 

The project aims to make use of the land for the local commuity in a sustainable way by providing small allotment pitches and places to sit and enjoy the day!

We are always looking for things for the land – an old bench? An old bird table? Surplus plants? We can take them! Contact us to donate or to get involved!


Kieron | KHES

I moved in November 2018 and was immediately impressed with the commitment to cooperation and co-working. The links to other business and the community that Newtons have created have certainly helped us grow as a business.

Roger | There Be Giants

Before I even signed, it was clear that Matthew and the team we going to be a great fit for us, their willingness to do what it took to make a space which was right for us.

Russell | Property Owner

I've had my property with Newtons for over a year now and they are dedicated to making it work. Like with any property there have been some issues but the team have made it work.

Ryan | Property Owner


We do more than houses and offices! We help build business and residential communities throughout Greater Manchester and Lacashire that can help one another grow. Keep up to date with what we have going on and how you can get involved.